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Data Visualization

Making Labor Market Data Accessible & Actionable

To help employers and policymakers better understand labor market trends and insights, Leila served as the project lead for Opportunity@Work's new data dashboard, This included managing internal and external stakeholders, end-to-end prototyping, usability testing, and marketing strategies.


Mixed Methods Research

Recommendations for Federal Funding Implementation

The Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP) collaborated with Triangle Solutions to research, write, and publish a report of recommendations for how to prioritize community engagement and equity in federal funding implementation.

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Strategic Advising

American Rescue Plan Implementation

Durham County contracted with Triangle Solutions to advise and assist with managing the American Rescue Plan Act allocation process. The scope of work included supporting the community RFP process from creation and selection to contracting and reporting.


Collaborative Facilitation

Advancing Public Sector Workforce Innovations 

In collaboration with MDC and APHSA, Leila helped facilitate a learning community of states working to modernize and improve public sector recruitment and retention strategies, practices, and outcomes. 

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Economic Analysis

Report Review & Revisions

The North Carolina Justice Center contracted Triangle Solutions on their State of Working NC report. This report included data analysis, fact-checking, and copy editing.

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